"Construction Site" dancers Nicola Ulibarri (graduate student) and Jackson Jirard (freshman).

Construction Site locations and approximate schedule for May 27

7 p.m. Breathe Life in the Telling
Site: Bing Concert Hall patio and atrium
Choreography: Manuelito Biag
Music: Said and Done by Nils Frahm
Musician: Nils Frahm
Dancers: Amy Chen, Sonya Erlandson, Rosemary Le, Tyler Rivlin, Abby Thien-Ly, Nicola Ulibarri

7:25 p.m. Daughter Gone
Site: Harmony House interior and exterior
Choreography: Robert Moses and the dancers
Music: Hauschka
Costumes: Diane Frank
Dancers: Magali Duque, Bianca R. Draud, Momo Hoshi, Alison Ge, Karen Lu

7:45 p.m. Listening for Rain
Site: Terman Fountain and sunken garden
Choreography: Nina Haft and the dancers
Music: Radio Meditation, Kitka, Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti
Text: Gary Soto “The Drought,” and Alice Waters “When You See Water”
Costumes: Stanford TAPS
Dancers: Sofi Arimany, Bianca Draud, Magali Dugue, Alison Ge, Karen Lu, Tracy Mandel, Tamara Mekler, Julia Neidert, Lila Thulin

8:10 p.m. Upland Slope
Site: SEQ Huang Building exterior steps
Choreography: Aleta Hayes and the dancers
Music: Untitled by Nathan Ho
Musicians: Chocolate Heads: Maya Acharya, Nathan Ho, Lauren Weldon, with Festival Orchestra: Erica Brett (oboe), Kristin Chesnutt (violin), Pierre Dazin, (violin), Momo Hoshi (oboe), Kevin Hsu (cello), Thomas Hu (violin), Jeffrey Li (cello), Spencer Nam (violin)
Costumes: Diane Frank
Dancers: Ben Cohen, Meredith Charleson, Yvette Dickson-Tetteh, Natalie Gonzalez, Evan Rushton, Natalie Sanchez, Natasha Tamate Weiss

8:30 p.m. Out of Sequence followed by a picnic on the lawn
Site: Cantor Arts Center, north lawn
Choreography: Diane Frank
Music: Dohi Moon & Bjoern Erlach, “inside sequence”
Costumes: Diane Frank
Dancers: Andrew Beckman, Sonya Erlandson, Katharine Hawthorne, Jackson Jirard, Katherine Orloff, Nicola Ulibarri