Boys and ballet draw crowds

The 1936 ASSU concert series wedded music to dance by inviting the Vienna Boys Choir and the Trudi Schoop Ballet to the same season, in conjunction with Tito Schipa, Nelson Eddy, and Jascha Heifetz. This was the first U.S. performance of Schoop’s ballet troupe, a company which incorporates theatrical gestures into their choreography. As the ASSU Student Manager Report of 1936 reads, “Trudi Schoop and her group present a faultless and complete work of art in which are included dance, pantomime, theater, and the charm of theatrical costume…The concert drew an excellent crowd.” The Vienna Boys Choir likewise charmed Stanford audiences and returned several times following their 1936 visit.

Featured image: ASSU 1935/1936 concert series announcement, featuring the Trudi Schoop Ballet, Vienna Boys Choir, and other artists