Sanskriti spices up student arts scene

With a membership of over six hundred students, Sanskriti is one of Stanford’s largest cultural organizations.  Representative of South Asian culture, Sanskriti promotes the visibility of South Asian arts through live performance, student leadership, and community outreach.  In 2002, students Aalap Jani and Nirali Vora founded Basmati Raas, a Garba Raas (or Indian folk dance) collective.  The group is comprised of sixteen members (both men and women), and partakes in nation-wide dance competitions.  Stanford’s Bollywood dance organization, Dil Se, began in 2003 by alumni Sai Patil and Shalin Mantri, and currently fuses Bollywood dance with hip hop, salsa, and jazz.  Moreover, the Bhangra Team practices a traditional dance form originating from Punjab, India.  Spicmacay, a more comprehensive performing group, draws upon classical music, films, yoga, and theater to transmit the legends, rituals, mythology, and philosophy inherent to Indian culture and history.

Flyer for Sanskriti’s 2011 Rhythms, a multicultural charity show


Featured image: Bhangra Dance Team in performance