The Institute for Diversity in the Arts is born

The press release titled “The Institute for Diversity in the Arts Opens in 2001-02” reads: “The 2000 Census has definitively claimed California as a state with a high index of ethnic diversity, with its populations of color and mixed race totaling 53.3%. Yet, within that reality, what are the relationships between different ethnic groups and space (at work, home, school or in social pursuits)? Have these relationships changed? How do they impact group identity and cultural development? is space a limitation or ground fertile with possibility? At Stanford University, a unique collaboration between campus and community, the Institute for Diversity in the Arts (IDA), will explore these questions through theory and practice of visual, performing, and literary art.

In January, the Institute for Diversity in the Arts, funded by the James Irvine Foundation, will launch its first year of a two-year program sponsored by the Stanford Drama Department and the Committee on Black Performing Arts at Stanford, in cooperation with the Haas Center for Public Service…”