Dancing, Viennese-style

The first annual Viennese Ball was held in Toyon Hall on January 27, 1978. The 1990 Viennese Ball program recounts: “In 1977, the students of Stanford in Austria decided to bring some of the enchantment of the Austrian season of Fasching, the period of celebration before Lent begins, to Stanford by organizing our first annual Viennese Ball. The first ball, held in Toyon Hall, was attended by 350 students.

When Richard Powers joined the Dance faculty in the early 1990s, the waltzers achieved a new caliber of finesse, evident to any youtube viewer watching the annual Opening Ceremony. The ball is now held at a local hotel ballroom rather than Toyon or Roble to accommodate increased interest and to enhance the elegance of the event. Today, the ball has blossomed into a prestigious and highly-respected formal affair, filling the two dance floors in Roble Dance Studio and Gymnasium to capacity.”