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CBD 2021: Contemplative Innovation—Designing Technology in the Era of Distraction with Ruchika Sikri

October 29, 2021 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm

Location: Zoom

Explore the potential of “good-for-humans technology” that is designed to support connection with oneself, nature, and the Cosmos. Ms. Sikri will illuminate how technology that cultivates introspection, empathy, social connections, and compassion can uplift humanity and be good for the planet. Problems of technology, such as the ones featured in the 2020 documentary “The Social Dilemma”  and described as “an existential threat to humanity,” have prompted recent rigorous efforts to turn the tide of technology. New endeavors seek to stop technology’s negative trends in which it was designed to: be addictive, cut connection from self and nature, exploit people’s attention, and create artificial pacifiers that obstruct real connections and friendships.

Ms. Sikri’s dedication to the new era in technology includes efforts to empower people to achieve their full potential by helping them to experience that they are part of the complex interconnected web of life. She will present new technology devoted to creating mindful and compassionate cultures within organizations, supporting wellness innovations, and enabling communities around the world to bring wisdom and compassion into their lives. She will share insights on how technology can promote what is good for humans and good for our planet.  

Ruchika Sikri is the founder of Mandala Ventures. After a successful corporate career of 25+ years at Google, Microsoft, and Cisco she is following her life’s purpose and mission to create a better world by supporting globally accessible mindfulness, compassion, and wellness offerings. Her goal is to bring secular, science-based mindfulness and compassion learning programs to organizations and communities globally. Ms. Sikri led Google’s Well Being and Mindfulness Learning Programs & Strategy for more than 8 years of her 15-year career at Google. She successfully architected, facilitated, and curated well-being and mindfulness programs for over 120,000 Google employees. She helped establish a self-sustaining culture where tens of thousands of Googlers regularly practice mindfulness for better well-being, healthier interpersonal relationships, and sustainable, excellent performance. She led a passionate community of 350+ employees who volunteer their time to make this culture possible at Google. For over 20 years, Ruchika has engaged in a daily meditation and yoga practice to cultivate clarity in mind, purity in heart, and sincerity in action. Ruchika is also a board member and advisor to several nonprofits with diverse goals including empowering women living in shelters, supporting the mental health of at-risk students, and providing safe homes to orphans around the world.  Ruchika lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contemplative Innovation—Designing Technology in the Era of Distraction is part of the free Contemplation by Design Summit, Oct. 25-Nov. 2, 2021.

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