Stanford Art Gallery Exhibitions

Opportunity for faculty exhibitions

Administered and curated by the Department of Art & Art History, the 1,900 square foot Stanford Art Gallery functions as a dynamic teaching and learning resource for faculty, students and guest artists where best practices for exhibition and curatorial development, experimentation, and innovation take place.

Open RFPs are administered by Office of the Vice President for the Arts and the Department of Art & Art History.

Guidelines and Expectations

  • All Stanford faculty and academic staff are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals must have a faculty or academic staff sponsor. (Graduate students and postdocs cannot sponsor proposals.)
  • Proposals will be considered in any visual/interdisciplinary arts discipline that involves a visual art component.
  • Projects must involve current Stanford undergraduates/co-term students in curatorial and/or artistic roles.
  • Works must be original pieces created by Stanford students, faculty, and/or alumni. Borrowing from Stanford collections (e.g. Cantor, Anderson, Libraries, Hoover, etc.) is not permitted
  • Works must adhere to the Stanford Art Gallery’s usage and safety guidelines.
  • Artists are responsible for transporting their work to/from the Stanford Art Gallery for install/deinstall
  • The exhibition team will be provided with the following from the Department of Art & Art History:
    • Install/deinstall services during scheduled windows
    • Gallery monitors during regular operating hours
    • Publicity
  • The exhibition team will be provided a small stipend by Stanford Arts for materials and exhibition expenses. Project teams will be expected to obtain additional campus funding to support additional costs.

How to Apply

The Office of the Vice President for the Arts and the Department of Art & Art History are currently accepting proposals for exhibits and events to be displayed in the Stanford Art Gallery during the following times:

  • No current RFPs

Only exhibitions with a Stanford faculty sponsor will be considered.

Applications will only be accepted via SlideRoom and must include the following:

  1. Project proposal (max. 13 pages)
  2. List of all artists participating in the exhibition and the type of work they will present (e.g. illustration, painting, sculpture, video, etc.)
  3. Opportunities for students to engage with the curation/preparation of the exhibit (optional)
  4. Work samples from participating artists (1-2 images per artist), no more than 20 images in total. (Concept sketches are permitted.)
  5. List of special equipment needed (e.g. video playback, audio, digital screens, etc.) or other unusual requirements


Sabrina Wilensky
Manager of Grants and Programs, Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Gabriel Harrison
Exhibitions Manager, Department of Art & Art History