Industry Immersions

Explore career paths in the arts and entertainment industries

Film & TV

Industry Immersion: TV and Film (ARTSINST 197)

This course is designed to give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting and ever-changing TV and Film industries. Each week features Stanford alumni and industry professionals who will share information about their company and current role, insights about their career path, and a deep dive into trends facing the industry. Guest lecturers will have a range of experience and roles including writers, producers, cinematographers, and studio executives. Each class will also feature a hands-on project pulled from a typical workday. The course will be 6 weeks long, with the final session featuring a visit a local TV or Film company. Priority will be given to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors interested in careers in TV and Film. Instructor Permission Required. Please fill out this form prior to enrolling in the course:https://goo.gl/forms/HwDDkPTrIPw52X7J2.

Open to all Stanford students!


Ellen Oh
Director of Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Music Industry

The Changing World of Popular Music (ARTSINST 150/MUSIC 150P)

This course focuses on the industry as it works today and on forces that are causing it to change rapidly. The course features guest artists and executives with current experience in the field, as well as project-based assignments designed to give students hands-on experience. Topics may include: economics and business models of commercial music business, technology and music production, technology and music distribution, technology and marketing, leadership in the music industry: case studies, managing creative projects, copyright and legal issues.

Open to all Stanford students!


Sabrina Wilensky
Manager of Grants and Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

WLI Summer Fellowship (2015-2018)

The summer fellowship is no longer being offered. For other paid music-related opportunities, check out the Summer Internship Program in the Arts (SIPA).


Developed in partnership with Warner Music Group (WMG), the Stanford/WMG Leadership Initiative identifies and develops a new generation of undergraduate Stanford students from across various educational disciplines for leadership roles in the evolving music business.

Each year, a select group of Stanford students learn directly from industry leaders through the combination of coursework and hands-on summer placement with Warner Music Group (WMG).

Participants are given a 10-week paid “in-house” assignment with WMG or one of its program partners. The placement begins with a short introduction to the various groups within WMG. Students are then given a customized assignment within a specific WMG unit based on their individual interests. Each assignment provides students with a challenging, project-driven opportunity to explore business and innovation across the music industry.