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Kimball Art Studio


Location Kimball Art Studio
Building Kimball Hall
Function Art studio
Floor Laminate
Access In dorm; RCC's have key access
Daylight Windows
Reservations kimball.stanford.edu/reservations/

What are the general policies/restrictions for this space?

Anyone wishing to use Kimball’s art studio must first complete a brief training tutorial. Please email Kevin or Pablo to arrange tutorial.  After completing the tutorial, reservations may be made through our online booking system, and are approved at the discretion of Kimball staff.

Individuals needing to reserve a single easel, drafting table or potter’s wheel in the art studio may do so using the reservation system. This will not reserve the entire studio, but guarantee you access to the requested equipment at the time reserved. Please note that creative works in progress may not be left on the equipment in your absence. When not reserved, residents may use all equipment in the art studio freely.

Be sure to clean up and store your materials and projects, leaving these spaces neat.

What are the quiet hours?

Weekdays: Sunday – Thursday    11 PM – 8 AM

Weekends: Friday – Saturday    1 AM – 9 AM

Are there any fees associated with this space?

None, unless equipment is damaged.

Is there a calendar visible to those wanting to reserve the space?

Yes, it is visible on our reservation site to those with an account, which can request by e-mailing the Kimball RCCs.

What is the reservation policy/system in place? How can students reserve the space?

Students first request a reservation account, then log onto the reservation system from kimball.stanford.edu/reservations/ and reserve a space following the reservation rules outlined on the site for time limit and quantity of reservations.  Reservations for the weekend are handled on a case by case basis

Can students make multi-day reservations?


Is there any sort of reservation priority for certain students/groups?


Is the space wheelchair accessible?


Do you have a website and/or documents with more information?

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