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Kimball Main Lounge


Location Kimball Main Lounge
Building Kimball Hall
Room Number 145
Description A central space in Kimball Hall open to all Kimball residents, student orgizations, and other student groups who need a space for rehearsals, meetings, performances, or other gatherings.
Square Footage 1,080 sq ft
Capacity 230
Available Seating 8 cushioned chairs (single seater), 5 sofas
Function Meeting/work space, performance space
Floor Carpet
Lighting Stage and fluorescent
Piano Yes (2 pianos)
Sound System Yes
Projection Screen Yes
Access into dorm
Daylight Windows
Reservations kimball.stanford.edu/reservations/
Other equipment pool table

What are the general policies/restrictions for this space?

This space is reservable, but all reservations are subject to approval by a Kimball staff member. Reservations for all groups are limited to a maximum 2 hour reservation on Mondays – Thursdays from 4pm – 10pm each week and can only be made one week in advance. When you make a reservation, you must provide the following information: number of participants, whether there will be food, whether the event is registered, the name and room number of the resident making the reservation, the organization or group involved, and the event’s start and end times. In addition, when you make a reservation, you enter a contractual agreement to maintain the clean and neat condition of the space. Alcohol and all other substances are prohibited from being used in the lounge since it acts as a public space. Noise must be kept at an acceptable level, especially during quiet hours.

What requirements are there for maintenance of this space?

Food is allowed, but any and all trash/messes must be cleaned up, and this extends to other materials from projects, gatherings, etc.

What is the procedure for students to access the space/enter the building?

The space can be accessed from one of three doors. 2 lead to the outside and require resident card access. The third leads to the foyer and the rest of the dorm.

What are the set-up/take-down requirements?

If anything large needs to be moved in or out of the lounge, a staff member must be consulted. All furniture that was moved for the event must be placed back in its original position. All trash and food left from the event must be disposed of appropriately (large trash cans can be found on the West side of Kimball).

What is the policy on alcohol and/or fire use?

Alcohol is prohibited in the lounge, and fire beyond small candles is also not allowed.

What is the policy related to noise? What are the quiet hours?

Noise must be kept at an acceptable level especially during quiet hours. If deemed too loud or disruptive, staff will intervene to lower noise levels or ask for the event to be moved to a different venue.
Quiet hours
Weekdays: Sunday – Thursday
11 PM – 8 AM
Weekends: Friday – Saturday
1 AM – 9 AM

Are there any fees associated with this space?

Fees may apply if furniture, electrical equipment, etc. is damaged.

What kind of additional work orders (ELS, Custodial) need to be filed?


Is there a calendar visible to those wanting to reserve the space?

Yes, it is visible on our reservation site to those with an account, which can request by e-mailing Kevin or Pablo.

What is the reservation policy/system in place? How can students reserve the space?

Students first request a reservation account, then log onto the reservation system from kimball.stanford.edu/reservations/ and reserve a space following the reservation rules outlined on the site for time limit and quantity of reservations.

Can the space be reserved by individuals? Can the space be reserved by student groups?

Yes the space can be reserved by both individuals and student groups.

Can students make multi-day reservations?


Is there any sort of reservation priority for certain students/groups?

Priority is given to the Stanford Series, which is programming centered around Kimball’s theme of the arts organized by our ATAs for pre-assignees residents. Multiple series are held on a consistent weekly basis and may change in date and time.

Is the space wheelchair accessible?


Do you have a website and/or documents with more information?

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