Stern Music Room


Location Stern Music Room
Building Stern Dining Hall
Room Number LW144
Description Space for students to practice their musical instruments and to hold band practices. Also has a vocal booth for recording music.
Square Footage 223 sq ft
Capacity 10 pp
Available Seating 2 large chairs and 5 dining hall chairs
Function Place for students to practice and record their music.
Floor Carpet
Lighting No stage lighting - normal ceiling light fixtures
Piano Yes
Sound System No
Projection Screen No
Access Student SUID cards
Daylight None - small windows look into the dining hall
Comments The musical equipment cannot leave the Stern Music Room at anytime.
Other equipment Mic & Mic Stand
2 speakers
Drum set
Vocal Booth

What are the general policies/restrictions for this space?

All food and beverages needs for an event must be provided by R&DE Stanford Dining or R&DE Stanford Catering.  No outside food is allowed inside the Stern Music Room.  Confetti is not allowed.  No fliers or other materials are to be hung on the painted walls of the room (including the use of tape, tacks, or nails).  All furniture must remain in the room.
The vocal booth is locked; reservations and use of the booth must be requested through the Office of Student Productions, please contact Claudia Dorn. Access will be granted after appropriate training.

What requirements are there for maintenance of this space?

The organizer is expected to leave the room in the same condition in which it was found at the time of arrival. If furniture is moved during the event, it must be put back to its original location in the room. A minimum of a $50 cleaning fee will be charged if the room is left dirty and/or not put back in its original condition. Any damages or cleaning charges will be charged to the organizer’s University student account provided in the contract.

What is the procedure for students to access the space/enter the building?

Students can access the room by having their SUID card programmed as a key for their reservation. Students will be given access to the main doors of Stern Dining Hall as well as the door to the room itself. The times programmed will match the times listed on the contract. In order to guarantee that a student’s SUID card is programmed in time for their reservation, all weekday requests must be sent in 24 hours in advance. For weekend bookings, all requests must be submitted 48 hours prior. This programming will be taken care of by the room coordinator who is in charge of managing the Stern Music Room reservation list.

What are the set-up/take-down requirements?

The room is set-up in its fixed position. The seating and equipment are not to be moved.

What is the policy on alcohol and/or fire use?

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from being possessed or consumed in all R&DE Stanford Dining Halls, adjacent meeting rooms, outside seating and patio areas. University Dining staff can deny admission access to anyone who is deemed to be overly intoxicated by the Dining Management staff. Fire is also not allowed at anytime inside the Stern Music Room Room.

What is the policy related to noise? What are the quiet hours?

The Stern Music Room can be booked from 9am to 1am.

Are there any fees associated with this space?

If the organizer is reserving the room for an R&DE department or student class, workshop, meeting or group there is no fee associated with the room, unless it is damaged. If the person reserving the space is part of a University Department or non-student group then there is a fee:
Daily Fee (Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm): $350.00 per day
After Hours Fee (Weekdays after 6:00pm and weekends): $450.00 per day
Cleaning Fee (required unless food is not consumed during the rental):
Monday-Friday before 6pm- $25.00 per day
Saturday & Sunday or after 6:00pm- $50.00 per day
There is no hourly or half day rate for renting the rooms.

What kind of additional work orders (ELS, Custodial) need to be filed?


Is there a calendar visible to those wanting to reserve the space?

Not at this time.

What is the reservation policy/system in place? How can students reserve the space?

In order to reserve the room students must email and fill out the required contracts provided by the room coordinator. In order to guarantee that a student’s SUID card is programmed in time for their reservation all weekday bookings must be sent in 24 hours in advance and all weekend reservations must be sent in 48 hours in advance. There will be no one responding to the email list over the weekend.
The Vocal booth is locked; reservations and use of the booth must be requested through the Office of Student Productions, please contact Claudia Dorn after the reservation for the room has been confirmed. Access will be granted after appropriate training.
The Stern Music Room and Vocal Booth will be closed during summer.

Can the space be reserved by individuals? Can the space be reserved by student groups?

Yes the space can be reserved by both individuals and student groups.

Can students make multi-day reservations?

Students can reserve the Stern Music Room up to 3 days a week. They can also make weekly reservations.

Is there any sort of reservation priority for certain students/groups?

The Stern RFs and RAs get first priority when reserving the Stern Music Room. Once these bookings have been accommodated, all other bookings are on a first come first serve basis. first serve basis.

Is the space wheelchair accessible?


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