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Toyon Lounge


Location Toyon Lounge
Building Toyon Hall
Square Footage 2,111 sq ft
Capacity Accommodates more than 500
Function Can be used for student group meetings, performances, events etc.
Floor Wood
Lighting No stage lighting - normal ceiling light fixtures
Piano Yes
Sound System No
Projection Screen No
Access In dorm
Daylight Windows
Reservations toyonreservations@gmail.com
Comments Please submit a reservation application at least two weeks prior to the event. The Toyon Staff considers applications at meetings, typically held on Sunday at 9pm. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed. If your application is submitted less than a week before the event, it is unlikely to succeed, and you may not even get a response.

General Guidelines:

– The rooms and lounges of Toyon Hall are intended for use primarily by Toyon Hall residents for educational and programming events.
– Limited use is available for outside groups, subject to approval by the Toyon residence staff. Please be aware that it is a privilege to use the Toyon lounge and common space. Consider your group “guests” entering someone else’s home.
– The Toyon lounges, lobby, and Moose Room are common spaces of Toyon Hall that may be available for use.
– The pool table may NOT be moved under any circumstances!  Do NOT sit on or place drinks on the pool or ping-pong tables or piano.
– No weekly events may be scheduled. Please apply for one-time use only.
– No admission fees may be collected without approval from Toyon residence staff.
– All events must be open to Toyon residents and Toyon residents may not be charged for attending any event put on in their house.
– Please refer to the Residence Agreement.
– Please refer to the Parties Guide.


– Do not advertise your event until your application has been reviewed and your request has been approved by the Toyon staff.
– Applications can be found here. Requests must be sent by email to toyonreservations@gmail.com. This email address can also be contacted to check availability of the lounge before a request is submitted.
– Please wait until the Monday following submission of your request for an email which will inform you whether your request was approved or denied. If you do not receive an email, you may contact toyonreservations@gmail.com again.


– In order to be issued keys to Toyon, you need to contact the Housing Front Desk Coordinator (FDC) for Toyon. The keys can be picked up in The Mark Taper Center, 615 Escondido Road located between Crothers and Crothers Memorial. For events occurring over the weekend, keys should be picked up on Friday. For events occurring during the week, keys can be picked up the morning of the event. Should you neglect to get keys, you can also call 725-1602, but you may be asked to pay a fee of $100 to gain access to the building.

– Any keys that are issued must be returned to the Housing Front Desk office or key drop box within 24 hours or by Monday at 2 pm if the event occurs during the weekend.

– A University account number and permission to charge the amount to cover damages incurred or violations to the University Residence Agreement, during the event must also be provided.

Responsibility for Damages:

– The applicant agrees to pay any damage or costs, to Stanford University, arising from the use of the property by the applicant, sponsoring organization, and by anyone associated with that event. Any costs or damages not paid will be considered a debt to Stanford University and registration holds may be instituted.

Security, I.D., and Damage Control for Large Events and Parties:

– Please attach a detailed plan for handling security, I.D., and damage control for large events and all parties.  Include names and phone numbers of those responsible for security and I.D. check. Full responsibility for security and clean-up belongs to the group sponsoring the event, NOT Toyon RAs and other staff.  Please provide name(s) of person(s) at the event who have had Stanford party planning/serving training and attach approved Stanford party application.

– Please refer to the Parties Guide at https://alcohol.stanford.edu/party-planning/party-planning

Common Space Use and Clean-up Expectations:

– The lounge, lobby, restrooms, outside area, and any other areas visited by guests must be left clean and furnishings must be returned to its original location as indicated by the FDC or facilities.

– The pool table may not be moved under any circumstances!
– Guests should use the front entrance and remain in the reserved area(s).
– Event participants should use the two bathrooms located adjacent to the lounge.
– Per Stanford University policy, no smoking is allowed in the building or in the courtyard at anytime.
– Please refer to the Residence Agreement at http://www.stanford.edu/dept/rde/shs/res_agree.htm
– Cleanup should be completed by the time specified in the application. The FDC can provide information about cleaning and supplies.

Contact Information:

– Toyon staff can be contacted with any questions at toyonreservations@gmail.com. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you have a successful event.

Website and/or documents with more information, including a calendar:



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