72 Hour Musical Project

Have an idea for the "next big thing" on Broadway?
Do not throw away your shot!


Teams of 2-5 students will create the beginnings of a new musical over the course of 72 hours. Each team will create and present one scene, one song, and one dance.Teams will be assigned a mentor from the winning team of the 2015 72-Hour Musical Project, Gravity - A New(tonian) Musical [anchor link], who will provide support and guidance throughout the process. Each participating team will showcase their work in front of students a panel of Bay Area theater judges.

Each musical must be inspired by the following prompt:
Conceptualize an original musical based on a piece of visual art located on campus. Check out the Stanford Arts locations on the campus arts map as well as the Harmony House, community centers, and dorm murals!

2017 Challenge Brief


Miranda Shepherd
Arts in Student Life Coordinator

2017 Musicals

First Place: Towers

Team: Camilla Franklin (’17), Jackie Emerson (’17), Jenna Shapiro (’17), Nikhil Ramnarayan ('17)

Selected Prize: A trip to New York City to further develop the musical

The Moon, the Sun, the Tower (La luna, il sole, la torre) by Arnaldo Pomodoro (1955)

Second Place: Resident Earnest

Team: Clarissa Scranage-Carter (’19), Anastasio Nikolas Angelopoulos (’20), Joss Saltzman (’20), Danielle Stagger (’19), Claire Robinson (’19)

Selected Prize: Tickets to the San Francisco tour of Hamilton

Three Man Patrol by Deborah Oropallo (1993)

Other Projects

Finding Me

Team: Cainan Cole (’20), Ami Kalokoh (’20), Carlos Escobar (’20), Destiny Mahone (’20), Seneca Friend (’20)


Team: Samantha Williams (’17), Alexander Ronneburg (’17), Jace Cazey (’17), Will Fein (’17)


Team: Emma Jackson-Smith (’18), Jarku Tang (’18)

Three Fold

Team: Annie Zheng (’20), Amelia Taylor (’20)


Team: Lea Zawada (’19), Jack Swiggett (’19)

Achilles: A Korean-American Rhapsody

Team: Muse Lee (’19)

Branching Out

Team: Ariana Johnson (’17), Olivia Popp (’20), Paul Gregg (’17), Mirae Lee (’17), Leena Yin (’17)

This House

Team: Abigail Brooke (’17), Francesca Conover (’17), Megan Calfas (’18), Angelene Dascanio ('15), Peter Litzow (’18)

2017 Judges

2017 Mentors

2015 Winner: Gravity, a New(tonian) Musical

Gravity a New(tonian) Musical at the 2016 TheatreWorks New Works Festival