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SIPA – Host an Intern

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Stanford student intern through the Stanford Internship Program in Arts Administration (SIPA), administered by the Office of the Vice President for the Arts (OVPA). 

Please review the following information regarding host organization requirements.

Our team is available to answer additional questions regarding the program and role of the host organization.

Sabrina Wilensky 2018


Sabrina Wilensky (she/her)
Manager of Grants and Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Schedule a meeting (for students only)

Become a Host Organization

All SIPA applicants propose their own internship placements. Our program team is available to help students identify potential organizations that match their interests. Review our host organization eligibility here. We invite arts organizations to submit an opportunity to our Arts Connections list to let us know about your interest in hosting an intern.

All students accepted into the SIPA cohort are awarded stipends by Stanford University to cover living, transportation and summer earnings expenses (the amount varies based on expenses and financial aid level). If a host organization is able to provide a portion of an intern’s stipend, we may deduct the stipend amount provided by the organization from the student’s total stipend award. Program staff will contact all host organizations to verify the amount of any compensation or stipend provided to Stanford interns. Students are responsible for any taxes incurred as a result of their stipend. 

Student participation in SIPA is determined through a competitive application process that takes place between January-March each year. Not all students who apply are accepted into the program. Students not accepted into the program will be referred to other campus programs (when possible) as well as funding opportunities beyond Stanford.

As part of a student’s initial application, we ask the proposed host organization to submit a short questionnaire by the application deadline. The questionnaire should be completed by the potential supervisor or another organizational representative (e.g. HR, internship program manager, etc.) It is up to the student to communicate the deadline and questionnaire link to the organization! Our program team may follow-up with your organization directly if there are additional questions. All final internship placements must be vetted and approved by Stanford program staff before a student can formally accept an internship as part of SIPA.

Host Organization Requirements

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