Murray Harris organ

Romancing the Reeds

The romantic-toned Murray-Harris organ is installed within Memorial Church. Designed by, and named after, American organ builder Murray M. Harris, this organ made its public debut at the Mechanic’s Pavilion in San Francisco for an Epworth League Convention, as Jane Stanford had lent the instrument to the convention while Memorial Church was under construction. Fortunately the organ was left relatively unharmed after the 1906 earthquake, and was afterwards transferred to storage for several years during the church’s reconstruction. The Murray-Harris organ is known for its smoothness and refined sound qualities.  It is particularly suited to the performance of Romantic era music. The organ underwent numerous restorations over the years (1915, 1925, 1933) and was thoroughly restored in 1996.

Bio: Murray M. Harris – One of the most celebrated organ builders on the West Coast, whose Los Angeles-based organ company designed the Murray-Harris organ, Memorial Church’s first organ.


Featured image: Murray-Harris organ in Memorial Church.  Stanford Historical Photograph Collection