Arthur Clark

Arts Instruction at Stanford in 1920: an overview

Graphic Art, under the direction of Arthur B. Clark, was amply represented in the 1920s through the Division of Graphic Art in the School of Education. The School’s stated purpose was “to enable the University to meet the legitimate demands of the State in the matter of the preparation, training, and certification of teachers and school officers.” Art courses ranged from classes in drawing and all manner of handicrafts to lectures on renaissance painters. Classes in drama, dramatic composition, and vocal interpretation were offered through the Department of English; other departments offering historical courses in drama included German, Latin, and Romanic Languages. Music had yet to find its way into the curriculum. Warren D. Allen (university organist) and Ernest Whitney Martin (director of the military band) took care of choral, orchestral and band activities. Dance had no curricular presence at all, only an extracurricular one.