pictorial in Quad

Pictorializing campus history, one snapshot at a time

The Stanford Pictorial, a student publication first issued in 1920, sought to assemble a photographic record of life at Stanford University. “Practically every phase of student life and interest is reached by Pictorial contributions and editorials. If there is such a thing as keeping the pulse of student feeling, the Pictorial is well situated to it.” The editors worked with another student organization, the Press Club, which published the Pictorial, and both parties aimed to create a publication that was both historically informative and aesthetically pleasing.

ballad in quad 1

“Ballad of Springtime,” original student poetry and artwork featured in the 1896 Quad

Despite the publication’s brief lifespan (it was last issued in 1923), the Stanford Pictorial initiated a trend in documentary history that received afterlife through the Stanford Historical Society, founded in 1976 “to foster and support the documentation, study, publication, and preservation of the history of the Leland Stanford Junior University.” One of SHS’s publications, Sandstone and Tile (starting in 1985), publishes articles on the history of Stanford and recent university archival research. The Stanford Daily (see the “Intermission” section for arts-related coverage) and the Quad have chronicled student life from the 1890s until the present, and provide wonderful source material regarding artistic activity among Stanford students.  Presently, the Stanford Photography Club organizes photographic exhibitions and welcomes students and faculty to share their passion for photography.
ballad in quad 2

Featured image: Stanford Pictorial page from 1922 Quad