Female playwright makes 1920s Roar

In the 1921 Junior Opera production of “Maid to Order,” women exercised prominence both onstage and behind the wings. Rosemary Drachman (class of 1922) and her co-composer of lyrics Daniel W. Evans received special recognition for this production in the 1922 Quad. Drachman’s achievement is particularly laudable since drama groups in this era were typically male-dominated. The Quad reviewer writes that this play stood out for its “refreshing originality….no opera of recent years has equaled it in plot structure. The cleverly conceived plot of the 1921 opera knit the specialties into a well-balanced production.” Leading actress Donaldine Cameron likewise garnered appreciation for her “winsome interpretation.” A year-in-review timeline from the 1922 Stanford Quad distills the delights of Drachman’s musical into one snappy phrase: “Plenty of jazz, tall and short girls, with a frisky plot.”

Members of Jr. Opera in Maid to Order, 1922 Quad


Featured image: Tracy Drachman, accomplished student playwright, pictured in the 1923 Stanford Quad