The Division of Music within the School of Humanities moves into the Knoll, using the space for teaching, library, and practice space

The following year it is reorganized as the Department of Music. The Announcement of Courses for 1946/47 (an excerpt of which is shown above) described the work of the Division as follows:

“The Division of Music functions as part of the School of Humanities, also in cooperation with the School of Education as hereinafter described. The main objects of the division are (1) to give as many students as possible direct experience with music; (2) to present music as one of the humanities in Western civilization; (3) to co-operate in Stanford’s program for teacher-training; (4) to prepare students for community musical activities. The Division of Music is not yet staffed and equipped as a full department offering a major in music. It is possible, however, for a small number of students to concentrate in music in the School of Humanities.”