KZSU historical photo

Stanford goes live with KZSU

Stanford’s radio station KZSU (originally KSU) makes its first live broadcast under the auspices of the Department of Communication. Starting off as an AM carrier on 880 kHz, KZSU obtained its FM license in 1964 and now broadcasts across the Bay Area on 90.1 FM and worldwide through online streaming (the latter since 1995). The all-volunteer staff is comprised of students, staff, alumni, and members of the community. KZSU enables the accessibility of music and sports events, interviews with artists, news, and public affairs programming. Last year’s annual Day of Noise, featured twenty-four continuous hours of live, improvised noise and experimental music from KZSU’s studios in Memorial Auditorium.

KZSU members in recording studio during the Day of Noise, February 12, 2012


Featured image: KZSU, Stanford Historical Photograph Collection