Lively Arts at Stanford founded as presenting organization for the performing arts at Stanford

Lively Arts was formed to “curate experiences that engage artists’ and audiences’ imagination, creativity, and sense of adventure.
Founded in 1969 at Stanford University, they produce and present music, theater, dance, spoken word, and multi-media events. They place a special focus on innovation and risk-taking, and through commissions and premieres are an incubator and destination for new work. Stanford Lively Arts plays a leading and collaborative role in the university’s thriving vision of a sustained culture of creativity—one in which the arts integrate with the academic disciplines, flourish as a vital part of campus and community life, and inspire new perspectives on our lives and culture.” From the former Lively Arts Website

In June 2012, Stanford Lively Arts began a new phase in performing arts presentation under a new name, Stanford Live.

  • Stanford Live Website