Tudor organ

Anglican music gets piping hot with Tudor organ

Crafted especially for the performance of pre-Reformation English music, Memorial Church’s fifth organ (currently on loan) was designed after a Tudor-style organ that once played in the collegiate church of Wingfield in Suffolk. Built by Hupalo and Repasky, the Tudor organ features metal and tin pipes, Tudor rose carvings, gilded front pipes, and a painted grisaille façade. It employs a Pythagorean system of tuning that is about one-fifth above modern pitch. At present, only three of these Tudor-style organs exist; one tours England educating people in pre-Reformation organ playing and the other is located at St. Fagans National History Museum in Wales.

Bio: John N. Hupalo and Steve Repasky – Partners in Hupalo & Repasky Organ Builders, LLC, a firm in San Leandro that specializes in building, tuning, and restoring organs.

Courtesy of Hupalo & Repasky.