The Knoll

The Knoll is built

On a knoll overlooking the campus and Lagunita, a large official residence (the first provided by the university) is built for President Ray Lyman Wilbur and for official university functions. The reinforced concrete Spanish-revival structure is designed by SF architect Louis C. Mullgardt, and landscaping is designed by John McLaren (noted designer of SF’s Golden Gate Park). The Wilbur family lives in the house until President Wilbur’s retirement in 1943, but his successor, Donald B. Tresidder, chooses not to live there. In October 1943, a wartime unit of the Women’s Army Corps is quartered there, followed after demobilization by the Geography Department. In 1946, the Division of Music (soon to become the Department of Music) moves in, using the space for teaching, library, and practice space.