Make a Gift

The generosity of Stanford donors has enabled a renaissance in the arts that is nothing short of transformative.

Through the Arts Initiative, The Stanford Challenge raised $279 million, enhancing arts programs for students and faculty, laying the groundwork for new facilities, and integrating the arts throughout university life. Donors have continued to provide critical support beyond The Stanford Challenge. For example, more than 100 families have joined as Bing Inaugural Members, contributing $1.3 million to ensure the success of the hall’s inaugural season. Several donors have already stepped forward to commit major support of the McMurtry Building and the building that will house the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. And the Cantor Arts Center continues to thrive with the support of a loyal constituency of donors. Thanks to this remarkable momentum, great strides have already been made in developing an arts district that will enhance Stanford as a cultural destination. These accomplishments have set the stage for the current phase, Stanford Arts: Art 2016. With additional support, the university is poised to reimagine the role of the arts in a 21st-century education and integrate art more fully into the lives of students, faculty, and the broader community.


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Stanford Arts: Art 2016

Ongoing priorities include:

  • Stanford’s new arts district, including buildings and programs
  • Endowed program support for Stanford Arts Institute, Bing Concert Hall, the Cantor Arts Center
  • Endowed support for scholars including fellowships, professorships, curatorships, directorships
  • Gifts of art for the Cantor Arts Center

Make a Gift

2012-13 Arts Advisory Council

  • Diane Christensen
  • Michael Darling
  • Roberta Denning
  • Susan Patricia Diekman
  • Harry J. Elam, Jr.
  • Melissa F. Fetter
  • Alex Fialho
  • Doris Fisher
  • Nancy Forster
  • Andrea Hennessy
  • Stephen W. Hinton
  • Leslie Hume
  • Mary Ittelson
  • Ronald Johnson
  • Roberta Katz
  • Burt McMurtry
  • Deedee Mcmurtry
  • Bill Meehan
  • Nancy Mohr
  • Margrit Mondavi
  • Wendy Munger
  • Dailey Pattee
  • Kirk Radke
  • Vicki Sant
  • V. Joy Simmons


Maude Brezinski

Director of Development, Arts Programs

Kathleen Quinn

Associate Dean of External Relations Assistant Vice President of Development

Matthew Tiews

Associate Dean for the Advancement of the Arts