Announcing the Lyric McHenry Community Arts Fellowship

It is with great pride that we announce the Lyric McHenry Community Arts Fellowship, at the Institute for Diversity in the Arts at Stanford University.

This program is named and funded in honor of Lyric McHenry Stanford class of 2014. While at Stanford, Lyric interned at IDA, majored in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and performed in and directed a number of theater productions. Lyric’s appreciation for the effect of the arts in the fight for social justice propelled her dedication to writing and producing. Her unique talent for uplifting others showed itself in an infectious ability to support and empower those around her, speak up for what she believed in, and create art that shed light on racial inequity and identity. Lyric brought curiosity, brilliance, and warmth to everything she did.

In honor of Lyric’s passion for the arts and social justice, the Lyric McHenry Community Arts Fellowship gives Stanford Undergraduates the opportunity to spend a summer working full time in the areas of curating, presenting, outreach and/or arts education with a focus on racial/social justice issues.

Each Lyric McHenry Fellow may work in the United States or abroad, and receives a base stipend of $5,000 to support travel and living expenses during their summer internship. Financial aid and supplemental funding are available to students who qualify.

Applicants propose their own placements with organizations with whom they have corresponded before the application deadline, and effectively demonstrate that their intended partner is a well-run organization where they will receive adequate guidance and supervision. Fellows assist in building and maintaining relationships with these arts organizations and the communities in which they are based.

Applications for the Lyric McHenry Community Arts Fellowship 2020 are now open and the submission deadline is February 4th, 2020 at 11:59 PM.

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