Make a Gift

The generosity of Stanford donors has enabled a renaissance in the arts that is nothing short of transformative.

Over the past several years, great strides have been made in enhancing arts programs for students and faculty. Additionally, the completion of the arts district has made Stanford a cultural destination. This remarkable momentum began with the Arts Initiative during the Stanford Challenge and has continued thanks to the loyal support of donors.

These accomplishments have set the stage for the current phase, Arts Leap: Join the Movement. With additional support, Stanford can develop further opportunities for students and faculty to contribute to the arts in critical and imaginative ways—and help define what it means to make, experience, and study art in the 21st century.

Ongoing priorities include:

  • Endowed support for scholars including fellowships, professorships, curatorships, directorships
  • Support for Stanford art departments, programs, and museums
  • Funding for collaborations that take advantage of world-class teaching and research across disciplines
  • Frost Amphitheater
  • Gifts of art
  • Funds for visiting artists, art supplies and equipment
  • Arts Leap: Join the Movement

Arts Advisory Council

Adam Banks (ex officio)
Cynthia Lewis Beck ’77, JD ’80
Diana Bowes ’82
Sabrina Buell ’99
Louisa Cheng ’85
Michael Darling ’90
Katharine Duhamel ’83, MBA ’88
Melissa F. Fetter ’82 (ex officio)
Alex Fialho ’11
Doris Fisher ’53
Fred Harman ’82, MS ’83 (ex officio)
A-lan Holt (ex officio)
Leslie Hume MA ’71, PhD ’79
Mary Ittelson MBA ’85
Hiro Iwanaga ’04, MS ’04

Maryellie Johnson ’74, MBA ’76
Roberta Katz ’69
Carolyn Langelier
Jason Linetzky (ex officio)
Luke Lorentzen ’15
Hideo Mabuchi (ex officio)
Christy MacLear ’88
Deedee McMurtry
Ellen Oh (ex officio)
Kitty Patterson ’75
Veronica Roberts (ex officio)
Komal Shah MS ’93
V. Joy Simmons ’74
Vaughn Williams JD ’69, Chair

Faculty and Staff

Maude Brezinski
Executive Director of Development for the Arts

Deborah Cullinan
Vice President for the Arts

Debra Satz
Vernon R. and Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences; Marta Sutton Weeks Professor of Ethics in Society; Professor of Philosophy, and, by courtesy, Political Science

Anne Shulock
Assistant Vice President for the Arts