Join us in celebrating the work of students from the 2019-20 Honors in the Arts cohort!

Welcome to the digital symposium for the 2019-2020 Honors in the Arts cohort. These sixteen student artists have spent the academic year creating deeply innovative and interdisciplinary projects across a wide spectrum of media: fiction and creative non-fiction, film, photography, sound art, visual art, performance, and multimedia installation. Below, you’ll find video essays the students created to situate their artistic interventions and, in some cases, links to the projects themselves. I hope you’ll join us in celebrating the truly outstanding work of this year’s cohort.

Jessi Piggott, PhD
Honors in the Arts Fellow

Paperless [novella]
Amanda Rizkalla, BA English, Minor in Digital Humanities

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Movement [artist book]
Aparna Verma, BA English
Melina Walling, BA English, Minor in History

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Journey to the West ['zine]
Cathy Yang, BA Art Practice
Hannah Miao, BA Economics, Minor in Creative Writing

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Foolish [installation]
Cristóbal Sciutto, BS Computer Science

Earthsong [soundscape]
Grace Wallis, BA Human Biology
Shiriel King Abramson, BA American Studies, Minor in Spanish

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From the Trees of Green Mangoes [multimedia]
Jessica Seng, BA Science, Technology, and Society

The Gouverneur [drama]
Josh Adamson, BA History

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Hindsight [novel]
Justin Wilck, BA English, Minor in German Studies

Extraordinary [screenplay]
Lauren Victoria Clark, BA American Studies, Minor in Creative Writing

In the Shadows of Giants [creative nonfiction]
Rachael Nicol, BA Psychology

The Body as Canvas [visual arts]
Savannah Mohacsi, BA Human Biology, Minor in Art Practice

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Epilogue [novel]
Chapman Caddel, BA History

Sentio [multimedia]
Zoe Clute, BA Human Biology, Minor in Education