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Honors in the Arts

Stanford Arts Institute administers an interdisciplinary capstone program in the arts. This program is open to Stanford seniors in any major.


The Honors in the Arts program allows students from any major to combine their critical and creative interests by completing an interdisciplinary capstone program in the arts during their senior year.

Applications for individual projects and group projects (two or more students) will be evaluated, and projects with real world impact are encouraged. All accepted projects are eligible for modest financial support.

We are particularly interested in experimental work that engages new forms of expression for a 21st century audience. Additionally, we are committed to building a cohort that reflects a diversity of identities, experiences, educational backgrounds, and artistic and scholarly interests. Such diversity only enhances our interdisciplinary and collaborative endeavors.

Through a yearlong process, students develop a capstone project that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of their major.

  • Team-based projects (two or more students) with the potential for real world impact will be given preference in the admissions process.
  • Creative writers with an interest in graphic novels or short stories, zines, or digital platforms are encouraged to seek like-minded collaborators and apply as a team.
  • Students interested in film and video, music, or theatre and performance are also encouraged to apply as a team. As long as two or more collaborators are seniors (for example, a playwright and a director applying as a team) the rest of the collaborators need not be seniors in the program (such as actors, stage managers, etc.).

The Honors in the Arts can be completed in addition to honors work in a student's home department or alongside another capstone program (such as The Senior Reflection in Biology).

Join us in celebrating the work of students from this year's Honors in the Arts cohort!

Applications were due by 11:59PM Wednesday, April 15th, 2020.

Devin Garnick headshot


Devin Garnick
Program Manager, Stanford Arts Institute

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