Honors in the Arts Cohort 2023-24

A sepia toned-photo of Ijeoma

IJEOMA ALOZIE | The Most Radical Act

BA Communication

Photo of Isabella in a red sweater, with a red scarf, against the red leaves of a tree


BA Film & Media Studies

Photo of Keona in a brown jacket

KEONA BLANKS | GOBI DUST: A Geomorphology of Belonging

BS Earth Systems

Black and white photo of Grace and Kyleigh sitting on a bench outside

GRACE CARROLL & KYLEIGH McPEEK | the True Crime Podcast podcast

BA English  |  BA Psychology

an illustration of a face in profile, done in red pen on a green background

AERI CHEN | Untitled

BA Art Practice

a photo of Zuni on a beach with blue glitter on her cheeks

ZUNI CHOPRA | The Mountains

BA English

Photo of Sylvia in a purple blouse in front of a bush of bright purple flowers


BA Film & Media Studies

A photo of Katie in a white button down

KATIE HAN | Mood Room

BS Design

A black and white photo of Nadia

NADIA EUGENE JO | He’ll give us what we need — it may not be what we want

BA Political Science

A photo of Malavika in a red dress amidst piles of books

MALAVIKA KANNAN | Unprecedented Times

BA Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

a photo of Jared with a neon pink monochromatic filter

JARED KLEGAR | Growth Opportunity

BA English

A black and white photo of Yonatan with bright green rings around his pupils


BS Symbolic Systems

A black and white photo of Yuer and her reflection in a mirror

YUER LIU | Becoming-with

BA Anthropology

Photo of Vivian in a lavender lighting


BS Earth Systems

A photo of Tristyn dressed in brown, leaning against a brown wall


BA Human Biology

A photo of Sky in white against a white wall

SKY WALKER | Untitled

BA Sociology & Art Practice

A photo of Lyda in front of a tree with a bright green monochromatic filter

LYDIA WEI |  Butterfly and Other Stories

BA American Studies

a black and white photo of Hope looking over her shoulder

HOPE YOON | Seabreather

BA Comparative Literature