Honors in the Arts Cohort 2022-23

Honors in the Arts

a photo of Tamilore Awosile wearing white shirt and red jacket. He's in a spotlight and the photo is edited to have bright rings circling the spotlight


BS Symbolic Systems

a photo collage of Ty Blackwater with a fern in hand, superimposed on a starry sky background

TYRA BLACKWATER | nizhónígo nihaa ’ádahałyą́ | they are taking good care of us

BA Art Practice

a photo collage of Ana Chen

ANA CHEN | Prototype One

BAH International Relations

a camera flashes


BA English, coterm MA Earth Sciences

A black and white photo of Sarah Lee, edited with white pencil sketches of flowers

SARAH LEE | Patmos

BA Philosophy & Religious Studies, Minor in Creative Writing

A close up photo of Dija Manly laughing, edited with brightly colored doodles

DIJA MANLY | tending my garden

BA Engineering

A photo of Adam Chin kneeling in a blue plaid shirt and jeans on a cliff ledge overlooking the ocean. There are white pencil doodles around him.

ADAM MATTHEW CHIN | Wind in the Buffalo Grass

BA Film and Media Studies

a photo of Sherry Nolan wearing jeans and a tank top on a front porch, with white pencil sketches of flowers and berries

SHERRY MESTAN | Body and Face

 BS Human Biology

Photo of Matt Mettias, with the ocean in the background, bright sky colors

MATT METTIAS | untitled

BAS Psychology, BAS Science Technology and Society, Minor in Education and Symbolic Systems

Photo of Huy Nguyen with an AI generated background of symmetrical shapes

HUY NGUYEN | The Gates of Artificial Heaven and Hell

BS Symbolic, Minor in Philosophy

A photo of Katherine Nolan wearing a grey sweater, edited with white pencil sketches of leaves around her


BA Art History

A photo of Danny Ritz in a grey sweater standing in an open field. Brightly colored balls have been edited into the top of the photo

DANNY RITZ | Run For Our Whole Lives

BA English, Minor in Music

a photo of Callum Tresnan wearing a winter coat on a dark street with blurred neon store fronts in the background

CALLUM TRESNAN | The Poet Writes to García Lorca Hoping for No Response

BA Comparative Literature

an illustration of an Asian person daintily holding a taco in front of a graffitied wall

JEFFREY WANG | Academy of Marginalized Superpowers

BA Art Practice

Inter-Arts Minor

Photo of Shridhar Athinarayanan wearing a blue jacket and yellow hat with a rocky landscape in the background


BS Mathematical and Computational Sciences

edited photo of Adi Garner wearing a black shirt, with green arms and paper cutout eyes in front of neon hearts

ADI GARNER | Gravity Vehicles

BA Art History

A photo of Maya Passmore holding flowers and lightly edited to look like a pencil illustration

MAYA PASSMORE | Living in Nature

BS Earth Systems