Annual Events

Want to transform your college experience into the Stanford experience you’ve been dreaming about? Attend (or better yet - help plan) one of these annual events – many of which have been campus traditions for decades. Make your mark on the arts!



  • Black Love - Valentine’s Day R&B concert
  • Dance Marathon - 24-hour benefit dance festival and social
  • EnCounter Culture - Winter dance showcase
  • Holi - Hindu festival
  • Lohri - Sikh and Hindu festival and social
  • Lunar New Year - Chinese New Year celebration
  • Rhythms - Winter dance showcase
  • Viennese Ball - Ballroom dance
  • Winter Performing Arts Festival - Showcases and workshops


  • Blackfest - Black community headliner concert and festival
  • Culture Nights - Multiple cultural festivals
  • Frost Music Festival - Stanford headliner concert
  • Hipnotized - Spring dance showcase
  • Lu'au - Pacific Islander cultural festival
  • Night Market - Taiwanese cultural market and festival
  • Powwow - Native American cultural festival
  • Spring Arts Fair - Visual arts and creative writing showcase
  • Spring Musical - Full-scale musical theater production
Claudia Dorn


Claudia Dorn
Associate Director of Student and Campus Engagement
Office of the Vice President for the Arts