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There more than 100 student arts groups on campus.

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Student Leadership Opportunities

Take a leading role in student activities at Stanford's major arts organizations.

  • Student Guides at the Cantor Arts Center and Anderson Collection: Student Guides have the opportunity to give tours of the museums to the public and K-12 audiences. Guides are an integral member of a team dedicated to public engagement and museum education. Student Guides develop public speaking and visual literacy skills, facilitate conversations about social justice, and have the opportunity to interact with experts from a wide variety of disciplines. Guides participate in weekly training sessions during their first year. To join, contact Aimee Shapiro, Director of Programming and Engagement at the Anderson Collection.
  • Stanford Live Student Event Producers: Stanford Live partners with the Stanford Concert Network (SCN) to select 5-6 student producers, who curate and produce professional music acts with student openers in the Bing Concert Hall Studio. The producers work with Stanford Live staff to identify and do market research on emerging artists, negotiate with music agents and managers, book talent, develop marketing plans, lead audience outreach efforts, and M.C. each concert program. For more information, contact Ryan Davis, Associate Director of Engagement and Public Programs at Stanford Live.
  • IDA + CBPA Fellowship: The Institute for Diversity in the Arts + the Committee on Black Performing Arts (IDA + CBPA) is looking to bring in a team of imaginative fellows who are passionate about the the role of cultural workers at the intersection of community-based arts practice and social justice. As a part of the team, you will have the chance to develop practices that support your own community-based arts practice! Additionally you will receive the opportunity to engage with artists, cultural workers, and healers about their work and wisdom on their particular arts practice. For more information, contact A-lan Holt, Interim Executive Director of IDA.

Starting a Student Group

For more information on starting your own, officially recognized student organization, visit Stanford's Student Activities and Leadership website.

Student Engagement Contact

Claudia Dorn
Manager of Resources and Community
Office of the Vice President for the Arts