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Events for May 2015

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Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships Application Workshop – Developing your Story

NOON CONCERT: Voice Students of Nova Jiménez

Bechtel International Spring Festival


Sophia Christel, soprano: Senior Voice Recital

Bing Nursery School Performance Series: “Charlotte’s Web” featuring California Theater Center – NEW TIME!

Jacqueline Speiser and Alyssa Eldridge: Junior Flute Recital


Avi Avital, mandolin

Matthew Billman, baritone: Senior Voice Recital

Grace Laboy and Friends: Junior Voice Recital


Noura Erakat: War on Gaza in the Age of Human Rights

Science Storytelling: Activating Advocacy; A Special PRE-RELEASE Screening of “Racing Extinction”

Center for South Asia Annual Lecture, Wendy Doniger: Blasphemy, Materialism, and Censorship in Ancient and Contemporary India


Round Table on Francophonie: Past, Present, and Future

Humanities + Digital Tools

John Schafer (Northwestern): The art of the page in Catullus and Vergil


Modern Times: O’Keeffe, Stieglitz, and Toomer

Robin Sukhadia: The Music of Lagaan & The Rise of Global Bollywood

Africa Table: In Conversation with Aminata Sow- Fall: Writing, The Publication Industry, and Social Change in Francophone Africa


Fulbright Scholarship Application Workshop

Art History Lecture Series with Francisco Prado-Vilar

Cardinal Nights Presents: The Book of Mormon


NOON CONCERT: Amy Kyung Min Lee, soprano – New Time!

Jennifer Hsieh, “Listening Brackets and Noise Limits: An Ethnographic Study of Noise Management in Taiwan”

44th Annual Stanford Powwow and Art Market


44th Annual Stanford Powwow and Art Market

Department of Music Awards Concert – New date!

Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra


44th Annual Stanford Powwow and Art Market

Harp Students of Marjorie Chauvel

Stanford Philharmonia Orchestra


Rhodes & Marshall Scholarships Application Workshop – Utiilizing Mentors & What To Do Over Summer


EXHIBITION: We’re Not in the Business of Warehousing Paper

PUNK FEMINISM: Girl Bands, Violence Girls, Riot Grrrls

Consuming Civility: Writings On Tea Culture For Women, 1720-1920


NOON CONCERT: Piano Students of Frederick Weldy

Bellow and Biography: A Talk by Zachary Leader

Scalia/Ginsburg – An American Comic Opera in One Act: Excerpts and Panel Discussion


Culling the Masses: The Democratic Origins of Racist Immigration Policy in the Americas

Lo andino: literatura, arte, arqueología

An Evening of Stories with Firoozeh Dumas


Yugoslav Space Twenty Years After Srebrenica

NOON CONCERT: Harpsichord Students of Elaine Thornburgh

This Bridge Called My Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color


Alex Wang: Senior Piano Recital

Gender Expansive Craft Night

Stanford Symphony Orchestra


Stanford Symphony Orchestra

Iris Wu: Senior Piano Recital

Amelia Farber: Senior Voice Recital


Celebrate Monday, May 18, Art Museum Day

PhD Oral: Anna Vinson Wittstruck

Tracing the Self in Three Peninsular Languages: Catalan, Galician, and Spanish. The Exemplary Cases of Josep Pla, Xavier Alcalá, and Juan Goytisolo


Heiko Henkel: Halal as a Double Wedge Issue

Art is My Occupation: Museum Careers

Stanford Poetry Out Loud 4


NOON CONCERT: Flute Students of Melody Holmes-Vedder

Fulbright Scholarship Application Workshop

Chamber Music Masterclass


GUEST LECTURE: “Performing Evita’s Many, Many Lives,” Jean Graham-Jones

GUEST LECTURE: “Translating Argentina to US Stages,” Jean Graham-Jones

Zain Abdullah: Does (American) Islam Have a Race Problem?


500 Years of Italian Master Drawings from the Princeton University Art Museum

NOON CONCERT: Amy Kyung Min Lee, soprano – New time!

Jean Ma: “Scenes of Song: Chinese Cinema’s Transition to Sound”


Jack Petok, tenor: Senior Voice Recital

Ben Mildenhall: Senior Piano Recital

Stanford Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble: Spring Concert – New date!


Lily Liao: Sophomore Violin Recital

Nikhil Parthasarathy: Senior Guitar Recital


Cantor is open Monday, May 25, Memorial Day!


Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews in the San Francisco

NOON CONCERT: Flute Students of Greer Ellison

Book Event – Daniel Rivers -Radical Relations: The History of Lesbian Mothers, Gay Fathers, and their Children in the United States


NOON CONCERT: Spring Chamber Music Showcase II

Italian Drawings Thursday Tours

Reading & Signing with Hans Steiner, M.D. & Rebecca Hall


NOON CONCERT: Voice Students of Claire Giovannetti

Stanford Afro-Latin Jazz Ensemble: Spring Concert

Jazz Piano Studio: Spring Recital


Forum: Dialogues In Art

Italian Drawings Saturday Tours

Patrick Kim: Senior Piano Recital


Italian Drawings Sunday Tours

A Doll’s House- a South Asian adaptation of Ibsen’s classic

Sizi Chen: Senior Harp Recital

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