Arts Immersion

Arts Immersion trips give Stanford students an insider’s view into cultural capitals.

Each year, Stanford hosts a number of arts immersion trips to cultural hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.


In this Arts Intensive, students will learn about the dynamic art histories of Mexican American/Chicanx and Black American artists in Los Angeles. Students will visit museums, galleries, and community centers dedicated to nurturing, showcasing, and archiving the art of people of color, including Black- and Latinx-founded art institutions. Students will meet curators, artists and other art professionals, be given private tours to view historical sites and modern and contemporary art, and will participate in at least one artist-led art-making workshop.

Once back at Stanford, students will continue to explore the art histories of Black and Brown peoples through class discussions of primary texts, films, and artist interviews.

Learn more about the program, the info sessions, and application process here.



Stanford Arts Institute