Arts Immersion

Arts Immersion trips give Stanford students an insider’s view into cultural capitals.

Students travel with Charles Kronengold, Assistant Professor of Music, and SAI staff for a week-long engagement with the arts, meeting institutional leaders, policy makers, and arts practitioners. On past trips, students have visited museums, galleries, concert halls; they have sees dance rehearsals, opera, and Broadway shows (Hamilton in 2016!), and have had the chance to meet with alumni in the arts. In the spring quarter class Art in the Metropolis (ARTSINST 11Q), students revisit their Immersion experience by reading critical literature and participating in rigorous discussion.

ARTS INTENSIVE UPDATE 4/7/2020: In September the residential and experiential art making are the most important mechanisms through which students build community, creative confidence, and connections with faculty. Rather than go online, we have chosen to pause the program for a year. We expect that the program will resume in 2021.


LA Arts Immersion is now an Arts IntensiveThe Arts Intensive program, which takes place the first three weeks in September, offers students the unique opportunity to explore their creativity in small courses outside of the pressures of the regular academic year.

Students will explore the arts and entertainment industry in Los Angeles with Victor Yañez-Lazcano, Lecturer in Art & Art History. From the Bay to LA: West Coast Art Now combines-on campus workshops with a week-long immersion trip in L.A. where they will see performances, visit museums, go behind-the-scenes at film studios, and meet alumni in the arts.


Past Trips

New York City - March 2019

Los Angeles - March 2019

New York City - March 2018

Los Angeles - March 2018

New York City - March 2017

Detroit - March 2017

New York City - March 2016

Los Angeles - May 2015

New York City - March 2015

Chicago - September 2014

New York City - March 2014

New York City - March 2013

New York City - March 2012

Los Angeles - January 2012

New York City - March 2011

New York City - March 2010