New York City Arts Immersion

 The 2023 NYC Arts Immersion trip will take place over spring break, 2023.


Following enrollment in Art in the Metropolis (ARTSINST 11Q) in winter quarter, students travel to NYC to visit a spectrum of art  and performance venues and meet institutional leaders, policy makers, and art practitioners. On past trips, students have visited museums, galleries, concert halls; they have seen dance rehearsals, opera, and Broadway shows (Hamilton in 2016!), and have had the chance to connect with alumni working in the arts. The trip builds on the critical exploration and preparation conducted in Art in the Metropolis. The course and trip will be led by SAI Director Professor Jean Ma, a graduate student course assistant, and an SAI staff member. Applications are welcomed from all undergraduate class years and majors.

Applications for the 2022-23 NYC Arts Immersion program will open on September 19, 2022. Deadline for submission: Monday, October 25, 2022.

Program Details

Accepted applicants for the spring break trip are required to enroll in the winter quarter class Art in the Metropolis (ARTSINST 11Q). If accepted, reserve 3 units of space on your Winter Quarter study list. In the seminar, we will prepare for the diverse experiences that the trip affords and develop individual projects related to particular works of art, exhibitions, and performances that we'll encounter during the stay in New York. The urban setting in which the various forms of art are created, presented, and received will form a special point of focus. A principal aim of the seminar will be to develop aesthetic sensibilities through writing critically about the art that interests and engages us.

This course is offered by the Stanford Arts Institute in collaboration with the Introductory Seminars program.

Cost: Each student is required to pay a $300 deposit to participate in the New York City Arts Immersion trip. This deposit will be reimbursed on the first day of the trip. Students should also be prepared to pay for their own lunches and dinners in NYC. Breakfasts are included free-of-charge at the hotel.

The total program fee is $2,400 but through the generosity of Stanford friends, all students automatically receive a scholarship to cover the cost.

Student Eligibility

  • Undergraduate students in any major are welcome to apply.
  • Students must enroll in ARTSINST 11Q in Winter quarter.
  • Preference will be given to declared InterArts Minors, sophomores, and students who have not previously participated in an Arts Immersion.
  • Please note: most of the venues on this trip will require proof of vaccination. Unvaccinated students who wish to participate in the NYC immersion must begin the vaccination exception request process for travelers at least 4 weeks in advance of the program withdrawal deadline. For more information, please contact Jessi Piggott.

Application includes

  • an unofficial transcript
  • acknowledgement of the conditions of participation
  • three short responses (250 words max each) regarding participation in both components of the NYC immersion program (the trip and the seminar). Be specific, give details that illustrate your point, and use full sentences in a unified presentation:
  1. Please describe why you want to participate in the Art in the Metropolis Introductory Seminar and the NYC trip. Specifically, what do you hope to take away from the experience?
  2. If selected to participate, what would you contribute to the cohort? Possible topics to consider include: previous academic experience, personal and cultural background, long-term or recently discovered interests, etc.
  3. Group travel requires a unique level of participation and engagement beyond the expectations of a traditional classroom setting. How do you best connect to new people and environments? How would you help create an enriching artistic and scholarly community, and what do you need in order to do so?


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