Interdisciplinary Arts Minor

The Undergraduate Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts (“Inter-Arts Minor”) allows students in any major to design a study plan that combines their critical and creative interests, as they learn to make meaningful connections across multiple disciplines. Through a small set of core classes, electives, and a senior year capstone, students in the Inter-Arts Minor will learn theories and techniques of creative practice and research and become familiar with a wide array of art, from live performance to creative writing, visual art to multimedia installation, and much in between.

To earn a Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts, students must complete at least 27 units of coursework in the program and a senior capstone. Required coursework includes a foundational class in interdisciplinary methods, an experiential arts course, and 13-14 units of electives that focus on the intersection of two or more disciplines. The minor culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone that takes place over the course of senior year and is supported by a mentor and an accompanying series of workshops.

Do you want to learn more about what “interdisciplinary” might mean for you? Explore these interdisciplinary capstone projects completed last year in the senior workshop.

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