Interdisciplinary Arts Minor

Degree Requirements

To earn a Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts, students must complete at least 27 units of coursework in the program and a senior capstone. Required coursework includes a foundational class in interdisciplinary methods, an experiential arts course, and 13-14 units of electives that focus on the intersection of two or more disciplines. The minor culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone that takes place over the course of senior year and is supported by a faculty advisor and an accompanying series of workshops.

27 Units
Foundational Course
The foundation requirement allows students to engage with the theory and/or practice of interdisciplinary art. Courses that meet this requirement will A) build students' competence and curiosity across an array of art forms and mediums through analysis and/or creative practice; B) investigate art-making as a means of exploring and responding to non-art disciplines; and/or C) explore the intersection and multidirectional impact of new technologies and creative practice.

Strong examples of courses to fulfill this requirement include:

ARTSINST 101 Introduction to the Arts (a rotating topics course)
ARTSINST 142 Drawing with Code
ARTSINST 151 Ethical STEM: Race, Justice, and Embodied Practice
ANTHRO54N For Makers and Thinkers: How to Use Art in Research and Vice Versa
ARTSTUD 165A Intro to Art and Technology
FILMEDIA6 Media and Mediums

MUSIC 123A Music, Art and Intermedia

MUSIC 155 Intermedia workshop
Alternative means of fulfilling this requirement may be permitted with approval of the Faculty Director.
Experiential Inter-Arts Course 3-4
The Experiential course will allow students first-hand access to an array of art forms through Arts Immersion and ITALIC classes.

Strong examples of courses to fulfill this requirement include:

ARTSINST 11Q Art in the Metropolis
ITALIC 91 Why Art?
ITALIC 93 Art Everywhere: How Art Moves and Moves Us
Students may also combine a two-unit arts immersion or 2-unit arts-focused Bing Global Seminar with a 1-unit reflection course (ARTSINST 20AX) to fulfill this requirement
Alternative means of fulfilling this requirement may be permitted with approval of the Faculty director.
Senior Capstone 6
The minor culminates in a senior capstone that provides the opportunity to use this knowledge in the creation of a significant year-long project combining the critical and creative thinking they are learning. Students may fulfill this requirement in one of two ways:

A) Students may design an inter-arts capstone project to be completed within the senior workshop series (ARTSINST 200A, B & C) for two units per quarter, for a total of 6 units.

B) Students who may apply to complete an Honors in the Arts creative thesis within the senior honors workshop series (ARTSINST 201A, B & C) for a minimum of two units per quarter. Students who pursue this option and wish to receive the IHN "Honors in the Arts" in addition to the Inter-Arts Minor degree must also complete 6 additional units of coursework, to be approved by the faculty directcor. Please consult with your SAI advisor for more information

Interdisciplinary Arts Electives 13-15
The remaining units of the 27-unit minor must be satisfied by elective courses from at least two departments that encourage the interdisciplinary/intermedia ambition of the minor. To declare the minor, students must develop a coherent study plan of electives, focusing on one or two disciplinary intersections, so that the student is well-prepared to complete an interdisciplinary creative capstone in their senior year. Students may consult the pre-approved electives list, or may petition to count interdisciplinary and/or art practice courses suited to their plan of study.

Students may not count courses for both a major and a minor. Courses used to satisfy all units taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade, though exceptions may be granted by the Faculty Director in extenuating circumstances. 

Inter-Arts Minor and Honors in the Arts

Any student in the Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts who is interested in creating a senior honors thesis is encouraged to apply for Honors in the Arts in their junior year. If accepted to this competitive program, students have two choices:

A) students may drop the minor need to drop and declare Honors instead.

B) students may pursue both the Inter-Arts Minor and Honors in the Arts, but must complete 6 additional units of coursework.

In senior year, Honors in the Arts students will enroll in the Honors Capstone Workshop series (ARTSINST 201A, B, & C) for up to five units per quarter. In addition to the creative project, they will develop a symposium presentation.

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