Interdisciplinary Arts Minor

How to declare:

    1. Book an appointment with your SAI advisor, Dr. Jessi Pipert. At this meeting, you'll work on a Plan of Study that includes the focus of minor study and a list of elective courses planned to fulfill the requirements.
    2. Complete your Plan of Study and email it to
    3. Declare the minor in Axess by selecting "Interdisciplinary Arts" from the minors list (click here for step by step instructions). Declarations will only be approved once a complete Plan of Study has been approved. Please note, the minor in interdisciplinary arts must be declared no later than the Final Study List Deadline in Autumn Quarter of your senior year.

How to prepare for the capstone:

By spring quarter of junior year, declared minor students must begin preparing for the capstone, which will take place over the course of senior year.

    1. Secure a faculty advisor by contacting the faculty member with whom you would like to work, describe the project, and have the faculty member complete this Advisor Consent Form and submit it via email to  Please note, your advisor should be an academic council faculty member or a senior lecturer. More information for faculty members about advising is available here.
    2. Complete a Capstone Proposal outlining the project before the end of spring quarter of junior year, and submit it via email to for review and feedback.

For assistance with the proposal or finding a faculty advisor, please book an appointment with Dr. Jessi Pipert.

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