Interdisciplinary Arts Minor



What does the Interdisciplinary Arts Minor involve?
The Interdisciplinary Arts Minor requires students to take 27 units of coursework and complete a senior capstone project. Please see Requirements.

Is there someone who can help me plan my minor and/or capstone project?
Yes! Dr Jessi Pipert is available for one-on-one Zoom meetings and to assist you in completing your Plan of Study and/or Capstone Proposal. You can book an appointment with her here.

When and how do I declare my minor?
Students must declare the minor in Axess no later than the Final Study List deadline in Autumn Quarter of their senior year, although they are advised to declare sooner. Please see How to declare.

Who is eligible to declare?
Undergraduate students in any major are eligible to declare a Minor in Interdisciplinary Arts.



What courses fulfill the requirements for the minor?
The Interdisciplinary Arts Minor is a highly flexible program that allows students to design their course of study based on their particular interdisciplinary interests. Apart from the Interdisciplinary Arts Capstone Workshop (ARTSINST 200A,B & C) in senior year, students fulfill requirements by selecting from a wide range of arts-based and interdisciplinary courses. Please see Courses for more details.

What should I keep in mind when selecting electives courses?
A successful plan of study will focus on one or two disciplinary intersections, so that the student is well-prepared to complete an interdisciplinary creative capstone in their senior year. To declare the minor, students must prepare a Plan of Study that includes the focus of minor study and a list of elective courses planned to fulfill the requirements

Can I count courses towards both my major and minor?
No. Undergraduates may count a course towards their major or their minor, but not both.

Do I need to take units for a letter grade?
Yes, courses used to satisfy all units taken for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

What if I already took a required course on a CR/NC basis?
Some exception can be granted. It's best to bring this up in your Study Plan meeting with Jessi Pipert. You can book that meeting here.


Capstone & Workshop

What is a capstone project?
The capstone requirement allows students to combine their critical and creative interests in a year-long project that takes place throughout their senior year. The capstone project should build on the coursework completed in the minor and should bring together at least two disciplines. Capstones are typically creative projects involving an arts practice element, but they may also be scholarly research projects involving an interdisciplinary approach.

What support do students receive while completing their Capstone?
In all three quarters of their senior year, students in the minor attend the Interdisciplinary Arts Capstone Workshop (ARTSINST 200A,B & C), which provides them with sustained peer and instructor support as they develop and complete their project. Each student is also works with a faculty advisor who provides personalized guidance throughout the capstone process. Students are also eligible to receive modest financial support for the execution of their project.

How many units is the capstone workshop?
Students in the minor must enroll in the workshop series (ARTINST 200A, B & C) for 2 units each quarter, for a total of 6 units.

When do I need to decide on my capstone project?
Minor students should complete a draft of their Capstone Proposal in Spring Quarter of their junior year, but will continue revising in autumn of senior year. The Capstone Proposal must receive approval by the Faculty Director.

Can I do this capstone project along with a different capstone or departmental Honors program?
Yes. However, you should plan to complete two separate projects. Minor students who would like to complete their senior inter-arts project at the honors level (which includes a symposium presentation) are encouraged to apply to the competitive Honors in the Arts (HIA) program in spring of their junior year. If accepted, students will need to drop the minor and declare honors. Please note that a single project may not be used to fulfill requirements for both the Interdisciplinary Arts Minor and Honors in the Arts, so minors accepted to HIA must choose between the two paths.

Can I still participate in a Bing Overseas Study Program in my senior year?
Yes, though students should be aware that BOSPs are quite time-intensive, so participating in both will be a challenge! Please note, there are some conditions to being abroad while completing a senior year capstone for the minor: You will still be required to enroll in the capstone workshop during your time abroad, you'll be expected to continue making progress on your capstone, and you'll likely need to participate virtually or asynchronously in the workshop, depending on the plan you develop with the workshop instructor and your mentor. Arrangements must be made on an individual basis, in conversation with your SAI advisor and the coordinators of your overseas program in advance of your term abroad. Please contact Jessi Pipert as early as possible to begin planning.


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