Elliott Program Center


Location 589 Governors Ave, Stanford, CA 94305
Building Elliott Program Center
Description The Elliott Program Center has three separate rooms available for reservation. The Common Room is a large hardwood floor room with mirror walls. The Lakeside Room is a smaller, carpeted room with rolling tables and chairs. The Kitchen includes stainless steel surfaces, a refrigerator, and a stove.
Square Footage 1,500 sq ft
Capacity Common Room: 212 standing, 99 with tables and chairs
Function Can be used for theatrical rehearsals and performances
Floor Wood
Lighting Stage lighting
Piano Yes
Sound System Yes (but locked during rehearsals)
Projection Screen Yes, the projector is ceiling mounted and cannot be adjusted.
Access External access with keys
Daylight Windows
Reservations magnoliahscgovco@stanford.edu

Comments Lakeside Room reservable for use as green room/dressing room

General policies/restrictions for this space

Performances, Classes, & Workshops can be booked a quarter in advance – Rehearsals can be booked 2 weeks in advance and will not be accepted on a repeating/recurring request. Note: the space will not be available to student groups until the first day of each quarter.


  • Fall (September – December)
    • Priority requests for performances are taken Sept 1-15 and announced on Monday, September 25.
    • Requests for rehearsals are taken on a rolling basis during the quarter, no more than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Winter (January – March)
    • Priority requests for performances are taken Dec 1-12 and announced on Friday, December 15.
    • Requests for rehearsals are taken on a rolling basis during the quarter, no more than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Spring (April – June)
    • Priority requests for performances are taken March 1-15 and announced on Friday, March 23.
    • Requests for rehearsals are taken on a rolling basis during the quarter, no more than 2 weeks in advance.


Please keep in mind, art related events and art related groups hold priority on EPC. For special requests with advance reservation confirmation (i.e. farther in the future than the current academic quarter), please send a detailed email to the GovCo Housing Front Desk at hfdgovco@stanford.edu, under the subject line Elliott Program Center: Special Request. As a reminder, any non-art related groups scheduled to use the EPC will get bumped should an art related group request the space.


There is a three tier system when being considered for a reservation:


Tier 1 will be given to all registered university arts groups

Tier 2 will be given to all current GovCo Residents

Tier 3 will be given to all remaining reservation requests


Before you submit a request, please see the EPC calendar for availability and read over (do not submit) the Contract Agreement for the Elliot Program Center.


To submit a request, please send an email to magnoliahscgovco@stanford.edu with the following information:

Event Type (Performance, Rehearsal, Workshop, etc.):

Reservation Contact (Email & Phone):

Group Name:

Event Name:

Event Date(s) (Ideal Dates and Minimal Requirement):

Event Time:

Event Description:

Additional Information (technical needs, audience size, alternate spaces):


Cleaning and Care of the Elliott Program Center

Groups and individual users are responsible for all cleaning at the end of event. Cleaning includes wiping tables free of spills, sweeping and mopping the hardwood floor. Remove all trash and recyclables and place it in the receptacles located adjacent to the building.


Return all tables and chairs to their original location following your event. Furniture may not be moved between rooms. Decorations, flyers, etc., cannot be adhered to wall surfaces and cannot be hung or attached to ceiling. Candles are prohibited in the Elliott Program Center. Please exercise care during set-up and clean-up. Do not stand on the tables or chairs. Be alert to slippery floors while cleaning and place a ‘wet floor’ sign to alert others to take caution.


Failure to clean and ready the room for subsequent use will result in cleaning charges that will be billed to the group or the individual user. Damage to rooms and/or furniture will also be billed to the group or the individual user. Repeated incidents of failure to clean or damage by a group or an individual may result in denial of future reservation privileges. The University Noise Policy and Alcohol Policy must be followed for all events.


Website and/or documents with more information

Technical and Programmatic questions – email the Governor’s Corner Housing Front Desk.