Neighborhood Visiting Artist

Wanna Puzz? Stanford Neighborhood Community Map Puzzle


This Winter and Spring, Neighborhood Visiting Artist Christine Wong Yap is inviting Stanford students to share and paint the Stanford Community Map Puzzle.

Neighborhood Visiting Artist Program

The Neighborhood Visiting Artist Program hosted by Residential Education (ResEd) and the Office of the Vice President for the Arts (VPA) serves to create opportunities for building community and identity around the neighborhoods and a sense of connection and shared vision for residents. Embedded in residential life, the artist will inspire placemaking as they engage students through conversations, workshops and events, resulting in a collaborative artwork for each neighborhood reflecting the spirit of the community and space.


Community Mapping Workshops

Where’s your favorite beanbag to nap on? Tree to sit under? Lounge to make friends? Quiet nook for studying? Picnic table for gabbing? Share stories about places in your neighborhood that matter to you.

Neighborhood Visiting Artist Christine Wong Yap will incorporate selected places into a design for a jumbo jigsaw puzzle representing YOUR neighborhood, which will be featured in neighborhood community-building events. 


Painting Sessions

Help PAINT the designs on jumbo wooden puzzles.

Help paint a giant jigsaw puzzle with a map of students’ favorite places on campus, designed by Neighborhood Visiting Artist Christine Wong Yap. The finished puzzle will be unveiled and assembled in community-building events around campus this Spring! 


Puzzle Play

Assemble the pieces in community-building events around campus.

Thursday, May 16, 9-11 AM
Free coffee

Thursday, May 16, 1–3 PM
Roble Hall Makerspace, 374 Santa Teresa Street (Redwood)

Tuesday, May 21, 9:30–11:30 AM
Durand Backyard, 634 Mayfield Ave (Gingko)
Free coffee

All students are welcome.

About the Artist

Christine Wong Yap, Photo: Nicholas Bruno, Courtesy of California College of the Arts

Christine Wong Yap is a visual artist and social practitioner specializing in hyperlocal participatory research projects that gather and amplify grassroots perspectives on belonging, resilience, and mental well-being.

Hosted by Residential Education and the Office of the Vice President for the Arts.

About the Team

Neighborhood Visiting Artist Intern

Neighborhood Visiting Artist Intern Alejandra Campillo

Alejandra Campillo is a senior majoring in Economics and coterming in MS&E. She believes art is integral to fostering meaningful community and is very excited to support Christine during her time at Stanford!

Interested in getting involved?

Please feel free to email Ellen Oh at for more information.

Ellen Oh Headshot


Ellen Oh
Director of Interdisciplinary Arts Programs
Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Cole Shiflett Headshot


Cole Shiflett
Associate Dean of Neighborhood Engagement
Residential Education