• Dana Schutz speaking with Stanford students in the McMurtry Building.
  • Dana Schutz and Stanford students in the McMurtry Building in front of a work by first-year MFA art practice student Stuart Robertson.
  • Hamza Walker, director of LAXART, on stage with artist Dana Schutz for the Artists on the Future conversation series.
  • Hamza Walker and Dana Schutz discuss art history and inspiration during their conversation.
  • Hamza Walker asks Dana Schutz to talk about some of her paintings that are projected above them.
  • Komal Shah, Hamza Walker (director of LAXART), Dana Schutz, and Harry J. Elam, Jr. (vice president for the arts) gather for a photo after Walker and Schutz's conversation at CEMEZ auditorium.

Artist Dana Schutz on campus Mar. 4, 2019

Dana Schutz (b. 1976, Livonia, Michigan) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her paintings depict darkly humorous narratives, hypothetical situations and impossible physical feats, such as swimming while smoking and crying or a manically refracted self- exam. Vibrant and tactile, Schutz’s oddly compelling images simultaneously engage the unique capabilities of the medium while conjuring a world both urgent and harrowing. She was on campus Mar. 4, 2019, to meet with students and participate in the Artists on the Future conversation series. In this series, supported by Komal Shah and Gaurav Garg,  notable artists are paired with cultural thought leaders from various fields to talk about issues vital to our society. The goal of the series is to bring those working at the highest levels of human expression, creative thinking, and aesthetic impact into our deepest national conversations.

These images capture Schutz’s day on campus.