In 2021-2022, the Arts + Justice Student Grant funded twenty-one students (two collaborative projects, seventeen individual projects) engaged in creative pursuits around questions of art and justice. This year’s cohort includes both undergraduate and graduate students who work in an array of mediums and forms, including visual arts, creative writing, film, photography, digital media, music, theater, and fashion. Highlights from this year’s cohort include multi-media installations exploring themes of migration and citizenship, sculptures addressing carceral feminism in South Asian form, and a ‘zine to address issues of the unhoused as experienced by urban youth. Many projects collaborated closely with community partners to embed their work beyond the Stanford ecosphere.

The student cohort also received the support of an expanded workshop program, led by graduate student coordinator Anna Jayne Kimmel (Ph.D. Candidate in Theater and Performance Studies). The monthly roundtable sessions enabled students to share their projects, provide peer feedback, and build a justice-oriented artistic community. In addition to the roundtable sessions, the cohort participated in a series of skill-building workshops including an artist statement workshop with artist Erina Alejo.

We invite you to learn more about the artists and their work below.

Ximena Sanchez Martinez


Michelle Cai


Photo of Anna Zheng
Sylvia Gabriel_

BHU KONGTAVEELERT, ANNA ZHENG, SYLVIA GABRIEL | Growing Up Queer: An Intergenerational Dialogue

Gloria Chikaonda


IMG_6969 - Bryan Steven Monge Serrano

BRYAN MONGE SERRANO | For the Community, By the Community

jianna A3C headshot

JIANNA AUDREY SO | Projecting Truth: Kamayan

Kaitlyn Gina Choe

KAITLYN CHOE | Nine: Stories from a Four-Generation Korean Household in the South

Emma Kexin Wang

EMMA KEXIN WANG | Beautiful Country

Divya Serena Mehrish

DIVYA MEHRISH | The Voices of Mental Health: Pandemic Poems of Grief, Memory, Survival, and Healing

image of poem "duldrum in f minor"
Hunter Armstrong Taylor-Black

HUNTER TAYLOR-BLACK | Keep Your Hands Off My

Aylee A Wu

AYLEE WU | In Search of a Happy Ending 

Aylee A Wu_3
Emma Sommer Rehac

EMMA REHAC | The Youth Alliance for Housing Zine

Katherine Yoon
Sophia S Jin

KATIE YOON & SOPHIA JIN | Beneath the Surface: Unveiling the Past, Present, and Future of Lookism


Nora Mousa Headshot a+j

Nora Mousa | We've Always Been Here: Narratives of Iraqi Humanity

Dana Chiueh headshot

DANA CHIUEH  | Our Land, Our Future: Building An Interactive Community Poem

Natasha Patel

NATASHA PATEL | Expression #1

Eryn Perkins

ERYN PERKINS | Adapting Romeo & Juliet

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LIZBETH LUEVANO | Limbo of Forgotten Things

LINDA ZHOU | Re-Sounding Resistance