The 2022-23 Arts + Justice Student Grant funded twenty students (four collaborative projects, sixteen individual projects) engaged in creative pursuits around questions of art and justice. This year’s cohort includes both undergraduate and graduate students who work in an array of mediums and forms, including painting, sculpture, creative writing, VR and immersive film, photography, mixed media installation, and textiles. Highlights from this year’s cohort include multi-media installations exploring themes of migration and citizenship, sculptures addressing carceral feminism in South Asian form, a ‘zine to address issues of discrimination in healthcare, an interactive VR and immersive film that allows participants to experience the journey of a honey bee; a collection of 35mm photographs and an auditory installation addressing the effects of the pandemic on Chinese-owned restaurants. Many projects collaborated closely with community partners to embed their work beyond the Stanford ecosphere.

The student cohort also received the support of an expanded workshop program, led by graduate student coordinator Shacon Jones (Ph.D. Candidate in Theater and Performance Studies). The monthly roundtable sessions enabled students to share their projects, provide peer feedback, and build a justice-oriented artistic community. In addition to the roundtable sessions, the grantees participated in a series of cohort activities including an artist statement workshop with artist Erina Alejo and a presentation by Luke Williams, Ph.D. candidate in Modern Thought & Literature at Stanford University on the intersections of art and justice.

Photo of Douris, a long-haired person in a red vest and scarf


Cover art for Unreliable Narrator: a red snake coiled around a pin, with a Rx bottle on a sickly green background
Photo of Constantin Gallis

CONSTANTINOS GALLIS | Weathered Resonances

Photo of Natasha Patel

NATASHA PATEL | Feeling, in the Pursuit of Justice

Photo of Jacob Ramirez

JACOB RAMIREZ | Defying Definition

Sketch for student jacket design
Photo of Jia Lin

JIA LIN | Opportunity: The Stories of Undocumented Chinese Immigrants

an aproned man wearing a face mask prepares a take out order at a Chinese restaurant
Photo of Ramon Salado Romo

RAMON SALADO ROMO | The Chicanx Renaissance

Photo of Pablo Tut

PABLO TUT & CACHORRA COLLECTIVE | Cachorra: Organs without body

A small group of people gathered around aperformance artist on a white hammock
Photo of Laura Villalobos

LAURA VILLALOBOS | Living Undocumented

Bright collage of a flaming heart
Photo of Sky Walker

SKY WALKER | decolonizing Black bodies 

Song Wu Headshot

SONG WU | Asian/American

Photo of Jenny Xiong

JENNY XIONG | Dusk on the Shore


a page of text
Photo of Ellie Dunn and Ian Partman

IAN PARTMAN & ELLIE DUNN | Visions of Justice


Photo of Jeiru Fang, an Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair in a rust colored t shirt
Photo of Rowan Ings


Screenshot from VR film, showing a dark mountainous landscape with floral print boxes and a towering honeycomb
Photo of Sydney Reese

SYDNEY REESE | love + ecowomanisms

GWENDOLYN LIU & RACHEL WANG | Uncovering the Arboretum