Tamer Shabani

Chocolate Heads go UNderground

See and hear the dance movement band at the Cantor Arts Center

Who: Chocolate Heads Movement Band + Guests from MIT and CSU Hayward; Directed by Aleta Hayes
What: Movement and band performance
Where: Cantor Arts Center Lobby
When: Jan. 24, 7:45pm—no late seating

What’s a Chocolate Head?

Chocolate Heads is a movement-driven band composed of mostly Stanford student dancers, musicians, and visual and spoken-word artists, under the direction of Dance Division faculty member and choreographer Aleta Hayes.

The ensemble performed recently at a TEDx conference and was described thusly: “The band characterizes Hayes’ focus on original, live music strongly emanating from the same creative impulses as the dance. It integrates content drawn from the performance, design and choreographic talents of the band members, and from Hayes’ unique compositional strategy of mining and ‘remixing’ those contributions in combination with her choreography.”