Honors in the Arts Cohort 2018-19

Patrick 4 copy

PATRICK DONOVAN | To Know the Difference

BA History

Eva 4 copy

EVA GRANT | The Savage Hours

BA Comparative Literature, Minor in Creative Writing

Tao 9 copy

TAO JIN | Vanishing Act

BS Computer Science, Minor in Russian Languages and Literature

Jack 17 copy

JACK SEIBERT | This is Exactly How It's Supposed to Be

BA Comparative Literature

Team Projects

Deedee:Siena 1 copy

DEEDEE ANDERSON and SIENA JEAKLE | Indigo Overthrow // Women in Comedy Festival

Deedee Anderson: BA English with Creative Writing Concentration

Siena Jeakle: BA American Studies

Ailyn:Danielle 6 copy


Ailyn Rivera: BA Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

Danielle Stagger: BA Theater & Performance Studies