Roble Arts Gym

Open now!

The new Roble Arts Gym offers students a unique space to explore their creative side and mingle with like-minded souls.

Looking for a low-stakes, low-commitment opportunity to build arts skills? Need a study break or artistic change of pace?  Want to meet other arts-interested students?

Wandering Workshops


Want more? Sign up here to lead a Winter Wandering Workshop!

If selected, you will have a $100 budget for materials.

Open Hours

Mon - Thurs:   2:30pm - Midnight
Friday:   2:30pm - 6pm
Saturday: 2:30pm- 8pm
Sunday:   2:30pm - 10pm

375 Santa Teresa St

(Room 116, across the courtyard from the main entrance)
Stanford, CA 94305

Roble Arts Gym is located within the Roble Gym building.

"Ask Stanford Arts" Office Hours

Drop in to talk to the Stanford Arts Staff about writing grants, renting equipment, applying to jobs in the creative fields, professional development, extracurricular arts support, or anything pertaining to the arts! We’re here to connect you to resources and opportunities. Come talk to us! (Office Hours begin Week 2 of Winter Quarter)


  • Tuesdays, 12:30-2:30pm with Claudia Dorn
  • Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30pm with Sabrina Wilensky


No Office Hours in week 10 and finals week.


Roble Arts Gym Contact

Office of Student Productions

Office of the Vice President for the Arts

Messy Arts Space

2016_ARTS Welcome Reception-28

The Messy Arts Space is a drop-in creative maker space. Drawing, painting and other creative activities are encouraged. We have easels, drying racks, a light board, cutting mats and a limited amount of art supplies (paints, brushes, oil pastels, charcoal, small canvases and paper). We allow oil painting at all times (when we are open) - we supply turpentine but no oil paints.

The space also has a 3D Printer and Vinyl Cutter, which are both free of charge to all Stanford students. More equipment will be added soon - come by and check it out!

Reservable Spaces

Student groups can reserve one slot for up to 3-hours per week for the current quarter.

Open reservations can be made starting at 12am each Thursday for the following week Monday-Sunday. The requests will be on first come-first serve basis. You will receive a reply to your request within 2 business days. 

Reservation requests can be made through the link below the room descriptions.

For events and exhibits, please see the reservation request link below.

Roble Arts Gym rehearsal studio

Rehersal/Performance Studio

The Rehearsal/Performance Studio is a flexible space, equipped with a full sound system, projector, screen and theatrical lights. It features movable mirrors and a flexible wall system for visual art exhibitions.

We also have a green screen/photo background system with lights for photo shoots in the studio.


Roble Arts Gym music room

Music Room

Jam and record in the Music Room! The music room features an electric drum kit, electric keyboard, and electric guitar. The two-person recording booth is equipped with Ableton recording software.

A training session with one of our specialists is required to use the recording booth. Just drop in during our open times and talk to our staff.

Roble Arts Gym meeting room

Meeting Room

The meeting room is ideal for smaller brainstorming or writing sessions. It also features a small screen to allow preview screenings.

The meeting room can also double a smaller installation room for pre-approved visual arts exhibits.