Suzy Poling

Holly Herndon: Stanford’s Newest Ingenue Muses on “Movement”

If you’re tired of the electronic music scene at Stanford, try stepping up from the romaine that is brostep and progressive house to the kale that is Holly Herndon’s new album “Movement.”

Herndon, a Ph.D student in electronic music here at Stanford, has spent the last five years in the Berlin music scene. Originally from Tennessee, the fire-haired experimentalist honed the academic side of her musical talents by earning an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College, an impressive program that has produced such musical greats as Steve Reich and Joanna Newsom.

“Movement,” which has earned Herndon coverage in NPR and Pitchfork, sits at the intersection of her avant-garde academic work and the pulsing house beats popular in Berlin clubs, creating something completely unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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