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And now, a word from the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band

The Drum Major of the LSJUMB wakes up to find that he is late to a very important meeting with the Band. Fortunately, the LSJUMB's musicians were able to keep themselves busy at home during quarantine.

One of the many nice things about working on the Stanford main campus is knowing that the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band (LSJUMB) might show up anytime and anywhere to rock out to the delight of faculty, staff and fellow students. And, chances are, they are all dressed funny. If you’ve been wondering what the Band…

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Visiting Artist Fund in Honor of Roberta Bowman Denning call for proposals: 2020-21 Virtual Visiting Artists

All academic departments and programs at Stanford are invited to submit proposals; proposals that include two or more departments and/or programs working in collaboration are encouraged.

The Office of the Vice President for the Arts invites proposals for the Visiting Artist Fund in Honor of Roberta Bowman Denning, to support virtual visiting artists for the winter, spring, or summer quarters in 2021. All academic departments and programs at Stanford are invited to submit proposals; proposals that include two or more departments…

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Cantor Center curator named to National Gallery of Art fellowship

The Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (CASVA), an internationally renowned research institution that convenes scholars from around the globe at the National Gallery of Art, announced that Cantor Arts Center Associate Curator of European Art PATRICK CROWLEY will be among its 2020-21 academic year appointments. Crowley, who specializes in classical antiquity, will serve as CASVA’s spring…

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Cantor lights celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment

To commemorate this year’s 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the Cantor Arts Center was washed aglow in purple and gold, the official colors of the suffrage movement, for the night of Aug. 25. The 19th Amendment granted millions of women the right to vote. The special light show harked back to “Forward into Light,”…

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Stanford Humanities Center 2020-2021 Fellows

Thirty-three fellows are named, including scholars of art history, the classics, comparative literature, dance and music.

The Humanities Center offers residential fellowships for the academic year to Stanford and non-Stanford scholars at different career stages, giving them the opportunity to pursue their work in a supportive intellectual community.

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Stanford professor sees Hagia Sophia as a “time tunnel” linking Ottomans to the Roman Empire

Stanford history professor says conquest narratives don’t fully explain Hagia Sophia’s lasting legacy.

With the conversion last month of the architecturally stunning Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a working mosque, Turkish President Recep Erdoğan fulfilled a long-held hope of many Turkish Muslims and of his own political party. Built as a cathedral, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, has also been a mosque and a museum and is now…

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Stanford students create a virtual campus to recapture the university experience

More than a thousand Stanford students and other university affiliates have joined Club Cardinal, a new, virtual Stanford campus that’s connecting the community remotely.

A new virtual platform is helping the Stanford community recapture the campus experience. It’s called Club Cardinal, and it’s turned the university into an online, interactive space. Video by Club Cardinal Club Cardinal is a virtual reproduction of the Farm where community members can socialize and experience Stanford life while living, working and studying apart. “We…

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Theater in Stanford’s Roble Gym to be named the Harry J. Elam, Jr. Theater in honor of the former professor and arts and education leader

The theater is housed in the historic Roble Gym, home of the Department of Theater and Performance Studies where Elam taught and directed for 30 years.

The black box theater in Roble Gym, home of the Department of Theater and Performance Studies (TAPS), has been named the Harry J. Elam, Jr. Theater. Earlier this year, after a distinguished three-decade tenure at Stanford, the university announced that Elam had been named the 16th president of Occidental College. His career at Stanford left…

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Stanford alums again nominated for Emmy awards

Four alums earned two producing and four acting Emmy nominations.

Once again, the remarkable screen stars and Stanford alums STERLING K. BROWN, ’98, and  ISSA RAE, ’07, have earned Emmy nominations for their roles in television series. ANDRE BRAUGHER, ’84, joins their ranks this year and AMY ANIOBI, ’06, shares a series nomination with Rae. The four alums have earned multiple awards and nominations before for their work on the…

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artsCatalyst Grants 2019-20

This past academic year, the Office of the Vice President for the Arts awarded 33 artsCatalyst Grants to faculty members from across the University. These grants foster arts experiences that enhance classroom experiences for undergraduate students. Activities included field trips to Bay Area cultural organizations, workshops with visiting artists, and attending performances. 2019-20 artsCatalyst Grant Recipients Why is Climate Change…

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Stanford Talisman helps the San Francisco Giants celebrate their home opening

Stanford Talisman helped the San Francisco Giants celebrate their home opener with an a cappella rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” The song, which is commonly considered the Black national anthem, was played before “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of the Giants baseball game at Oracle Park Tuesday. The group performed the song, which was…

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Stanford Medicine Stuck@Home Concerts: Emotional PPE for Unprecedented Times

As a nonclinician working in the Stanford School of Medicine, I felt helpless as I watched my boss, Dr. Audrey Shafer, a professor of anesthesiology and perioperative and pain medicine, and other colleagues and friends on the frontlines of COVID-19. Then I got a call from Dr. Bryant Lin, a clinical associate professor of primary…

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What makes a Rodin ‘a Rodin’? Stanford scholar explains the famed sculptor’s process

The Cantor Art Center’s extensive collection of the artist’s sculptures invoke contemporary questions across disciplines.

In recent days, an announcement by the Musée Rodin in Paris to use Auguste Rodin’s molds to produce additional sculptures of his work as a fundraising tool raised questions about multiplicity, authorship and how cultural institutions should weather financial challenges like those resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. When Rodin died in 1917, he bequeathed not only his…

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Student Arts Grants: A Year in Photos 2019-20

This year’s VPA Student Arts Grants supported a wide range of student-initiated collaborative projects across the Stanford campus. Projects ranged from photography, documentary and narrative film, zines, musical theater, dance, contemporary plays, and inviting renowned artists for exhibitions and artist talks serving the student community.  Students and their project teams represented a wide range of…

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Patrick Phillips appointed interim director of the Creative Writing Program

Professor Phillips is the author of "Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America" and three poetry collections.

Professor of English Patrick Phillips has been appointed interim director of the Creative Writing Program.    Professor Phillips is the author of Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America, which was named a best book of the year by the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Smithsonian, and received an American Book Award from…

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Creative agency during a pandemic

Music professor and composer urges students to think of constraints as opportunities for creative growth.

Artists have faced constraints that affected their ability to practice their craft throughout history. The limitations artists currently face due to COVID-19—from a lack of access to concert halls and theaters to the inability to collaborate freely with others in person—are not necessarily new. Yet they also pose an opportunity for creative growth, according to…

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