Cantor Arts Center’s French summer

Six exhibitions highlight five centuries of French art from private and permanent collections. Staff members pick their favorite works.

Never mind that King Francois I of France pre-dated Bastille Day by more than 200 years. The sophisticated and extravagant School of Fontainebleau style that developed under his royal command is something to celebrate and see during the month of France’s La Fête Nationale. Francois’ 16th-century prints, le quatorze juillet, on view through Sunday, are part of…

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Saints and Manet at the Cantor starting June 12

Two exhibitions explore themes ranging from miraculous visions to death and destruction during the Paris Commune of 1871.

Faith Embodied: Saints from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment June 12–November 17, 2013 Gallery for Early European Art The 16 prints in this exhibition explore different narrative strategies that artists employed to represent the deeds, miraculous visions, and martyrdoms of the saints. The works also demonstrate how the depiction of saints varied, from simple images…

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